I’m teaching myself how to paint and draw. As part of my learning I’ve committed to working out loud, and sharing my work here. I’m using what I am learning for my own enjoyment and also to inform my consulting practice. Art is subjective. Art is not right or wrong, it is right and wrong, and all points in between. Art offers excellent alternative ways to view problems and possibilities, and a whole lot more besides. I think we are all artists, but sadly for many of us, the worlds of education and work have shamed us into believing otherwise. I’m doing my bit to reverse that.

This arts based learning experiment started back in August 2011. Since then I’ve integrated a lot of what I’ve learned into my consulting work, and my project, Art for Work’s Sake, was a finalist in the 2016 Learning Awards, Innovation in Learning Category.

In 2015, I began to offer some of my art work for sale. I’ve sold several pieces, and in November 2015 I started to donate a portion of the proceeds to the Arts Emergency charity. I also make a donation when a client commissions me for any arts based learning work.

I hope you enjoy your visit and if you’ve any feedback you’d like to share, I’d love to hear from you. I’ll leave you with this lovely painting made by our daughter Keira when she was about six years old.

Cheers – Doug

We Are All Artists

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  1. Anja

    I followed you to wordpress from Facebook, i also have a blog but mine is focused on my writing. Oh yea, I write as well along with photography. I love to meet other creative people.


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